Reducing our Impact

We do our best to be responsible corporate citizens, neighbors and stewards of the environment through leading by example. Woolpert has embarked on a journey to make our own facilities and operations environmentally sustainable. We think of it as a journey because we have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.

Woolpert published their first Environmental Report in 2012. On Earth Day 2013, Woolpert has released our 2013 Environmental Report that summarizes the Green Team’s efforts in the past year and outlines our goals for 2013. It also provides a report of Woolpert’s environmental footprint, calculated in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, using calculations from prior years to measure our success. We are proud of our efforts to continue to make improvements as stewards of the environment on a corporate level!

Our sustainability program is employee driven, with a diverse team of Woolpert professionals engaged in our green initiative. Management review of our corporate sustainability program happens at the CEO level, receiving the highest level of support. Our employee green initiative includes the following efforts:

  • Reduction of waste through robust recycling programs in every office around the country
  • As Woolpert leases new office spaces or moves existing offices to new spaces, we have committed to providing energy-efficient, water-saving, and healthy work environments for our employees
    • Where practical (based on office size) we LEED certify our offices, such as our Charleston office–LEED CI Certified (April 2009), Indianapolis office–LEED CI Silver certified (May 2009), Cincinnati office-LEED CI Gold (December 2010) and Chesapeake office -registered for LEED CI Gold
    • For offices too small to justify LEED certification, Woolpert still employs a “green lease,” incorporating multiple green practices to provide efficient, environmentally friendly space for all staff
  • Continuing education programs in sustainable design for Woolpert employees
  • Support for Woolpert’s employees in achieving LEED accreditation – Woolpert now has more than 50 LEED Accredited Professionals (AP) on staff in nearly every discipline throughout the firm, including our Chairman of the Board
  • Implementation of a robust internal sustainable design resource page and sustainable design knowledge center
  • Elimination of our paper-based employee manual in favor of a web-based manual

To read more on what we do for our clients, please visit our Sustainability services page.