Indiana Statewide Mapping Program

State of Indiana

Indiana Statewide Mapping Program

The state of Indiana provides a comprehensive, statewide map to citizens and organizations who need access to detailed information such as watershed and political boundaries, tree canopy cover, soil surveys, and more. By 2011, though, this information along with the state’s imagery needed to be updated.

Between 2011 and 2013, Woolpert is collecting approximately 36,000 square miles of orthoimagery and LidAR for the entire state consisting of 1” = 200’, four-band imagery, along with 3” and 6” buy-up options, and 1.5 meter LiDAR data and a hydro-flattened digital elevation model (DEM).

Woolpert is also supporting the project by providing the following program development and outreach services:

  • Direct mailing and email campaign
  • Program seminars at locations throughout the state
  • Meetings with individual county representatives
  • Public access website to provide easy access to buy-up information
  • Program management website to exchange data and communicate project information more easily

When completed, the project, much like the Ohio statewide project, will provide the state, city and counties with up-to-date, seamless imagery and access to a wealth of data for multiple uses.