Traffic Data Collection

Traffic data collection is crucial for transportation professionals when making decisions about a variety of issues and concerns related to new development, metropolitan planning, roadway life, and funds allocation. Accurate collection procedures have traditionally required multiple surveyors manually observing traffic patterns and counting vehicles. Then, that data had to be entered into a system to produce the reports needed to make any decisions.

With the use of state-of-the-art technology, Woolpert’s transportation experts can perform your traffic data collection project more efficiently than ever before. Aside from using traditional processes, we employ Miovision, a progressive traffic data technology that uses cameras and automated processes to capture information rapidly and accurately.

Using this technology, we can provide not only traditional intersection and ADT counts, but also gap, origin-destination, and trip generation studies. And currently, Miovision is one of the only technologies that can accurately perform parking studies and traffic counts at roundabouts.

If you need to collect or update information about the traffic in your municipality and are interested in accurate data that meets your budget and timeline, ask us how our transportation services can help you with your next project.

Intersection Counts
ADT Counts
Roundabout Counts
Trip Generation Studies
Gap Studies
Origin-Destination Studies
Travel Time Studies
ALPR Studies
Parking Time Studies 









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