Looking for partners humble enough to look to nature’s intelligence for inspiration? Learn more about Woolpert’s design and asset management services for your project needs. Nature’s design solutions are synergistic and interdisciplinary. Our breadth of design services allows us to identify the synergies and opportunities others can’t, giving us the ability to tap natural intelligence at every level.

What does sustainability offer you? Reduced total impact and cost of ownership. We elicit ecologically appropriate development strategies by listening, facilitating and lending our expertise where you need it. We can help you identify key sustainability indicators, set targets for improvement and meet them across your enterprise. Our sustainable growth services include:

  • Education and facilitation
  • Sustainable city, campus and installation planning
  • Corporate/organizational sustainability
  • Facility and infrastructure asset management
  • GHG inventory and reduction planning
  • Building information modeling and management

Like organisms, buildings should be responsive to their environment and have safe, robust systems. Green buildings should utilize safe, local resources; have lower operation costs; and deliver energy and water savings. We focus on lifecycle-cost-effective, easy-to-maintain strategies that meet your needs as an owner. Our green building services include:

  • LEED® certification and ENERGY STAR design
  • Project visioning
  • Eco-charrette leadership
  • Deep-green and net-zero energy building
  • Daylight and energy modeling
  • Low impact development and design

Not only do we implement green building principles for our clients—our own new offices are LEED certified, as well.

Use our cutting-edge tools to recognize and safeguard your natural resources. Using the most current sensor technologies, such as LiDAR, digital cameras/sensors and aerial imagery, we capture and interpret information about vegetation, watersheds and land usage. We’ve even developed our own industry-leading watershed management software tools that quantify water quality and flows. Our natural resource management services include:

  • Watershed management
  • NPDES compliance
  • Low impact development and design
  • Water, forest, renewable energy and land utilization mapping

Reduce your demand. Harness your own energy. Our comprehensive approach to energy includes feasibility studies, analysis, inventorying, master planning, design, procurement and construction services while encompassing biomass, geothermal, wind and solar solutions as sources for renewable energy. Our energy services include:

Read more from our Thought Leaders on sustainability.

For more information on how Woolpert practices what we preach, please read how we are reducing our impact and read our 2011 Environmental Report.

Project Showcase

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    Denver Regional Solar Map

    Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
  • Ohio University Chilled Water Master Plan thumbnail

    Ohio University Chilled Water Master Plan

    Ohio University
  • Sand River Green Infrastructure Project thumbnail

    Sand River Green Infrastructure Project

    City of Aiken, SC
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